About Us

About “Boston Clown”®

Our company started in 1999 when a few entertainers that had been working together decided to provide families and corporate clients alike with a great service. Since we had no overhead, we were able to provide the service at a fraction of the cost that others charged.

In 2001 “Boston Clown”® officially moved on-line and opened its web portal.

The origin of “Boston Clown”®

The idea behind “Boston Clown”® was conceived when one of our entertainers was at a birthday party of a friend’s child. There was an entertainer invited to the party who will remain nameless here. This entertainer did nothing more but play kids song on a small tape recorder and played just a handful of games. And you don’t even want to know how much that clown charged.

After some research, the problem became aparent. The problem was in the fact that it was very difficult to find an entertainer (clowns, magicians, face painters, etc). Most entertainers are independent contractors. So, you have to call each one to find out what they do and how much they charge. Some of these entertainers also utilize agencies that work with many entertainers. Do the search yourself. You may see sites with just 1 entertainer, indicating that you are dealing with the entertainer directly, or you will find companies with tens or hundreds of entertainers, which indicates that it is just an agency working off the referral fees and charging you significantly more than the entertainer would directly. This means that the client has no idea of the real quality of the entertainer or the types of services they provide. In most cases, the agency doesn’t even know who the entertainer is, they just simply take their word for it.

“Boston Clown”® is different in many ways.

Through the years “Boston Clown”® has maintained its true purpose – provide personal service with a company entity behind it.

We don’t view ourselves as an agency – we are a partnership of entertainers. Our entertainers are also independent contractors but we are linked by years of friendship.

This gives our clients – you – more flexibility and better prices.

That is the reason you will see our prices published right on our site. No games of calling us just for us to find out what kind of party there is and how many kids there are or for us to see what entertainer will take the party and at what price.

In addition to that, we can provide you with more flexible scheduling. Even if one of our entertainers is booked for the time that you require, we may have another one available.

“Boston Clown”® gives you a peace of mind. Our brand is important to us. We will be here tomorrow and we want you to be comfortable.

Home to some of the best clowns, magicians and entertainers in Boston, “Boston Clown”® is dedicated to make your birthday party or corporate event exciting and affordable