Party Planning (birthday party for children)

A birthday party can become a hectic occasion if not planned properly.

Be sure to plan ahead. Try involve the birthday child in planning activities, like selecting a theme for the party. Keep in mind, a theme birthday party will probably cost you more due to the cost of the theme related party ware, so shop around.

Activities and Party Favors

Since there will be kids attending a birthday party, plan some activities for them. We have put togther some activities and games you can have the kids play during the birthday party. Click here for BOYS’ GAMES or click here for GIRLS’ GAMES. It has become customary to give favors to the attending children. Assembling the goody bags for the children is time consuming and might cost you as much as $6-$10 per child. You can save some time and money by using certain activities as  means of distributing small favors (i.e. candy, which every child usually likes). One way of doing this is by filling a box with the Styrofoam “peanut” packing material or shredded paper and mixing in candy; you can give each child a plastic bag and give each one 30 sec to 1 min to collect as many candy as they can during that time; you can even mix in some special “grand prize”. If you do chose a traditional goody bag (grab bag) for each individual child, you can find the items needed at your local party store. Make sure you have a bag for your own child and have a couple of extras (just in case). You can also make the birthday party more memorable by providing your guests with personalized favors. One idea for a personalized favor is specialty wrapped candy. You can have them ordered or just have your child work on his or her own. You can find plenty oftemplates on line or just create your own template and design.


Hiring entertainers for a birthday party might be a good idea but make sure that the entertainment is age appropriate. For example, a magician might be too boring for kids under the age of 8, while a clown might not interest the kids older than 9. If you decided to hire a clown (we hope you did…),  make sure the children are not afraid of the clowns. Generally, you will find that the clowns serving the parties for kids, wear little make up, leaving a lot of skin exposed so the children would not get frightened. You can always ask a clown not to wear any make up and do balloon animals, face paining and so on without being dressed as a clown, although due to scheduling reasons this may not always be possible. Book your entertainer in advance. And keep in mind, almost everyone wants an entertainer on Saturday or Sunday between 2 PM and 4 PM. By keeping your schedule flexible and booking early, you get better chances of finding a good entertainer for your child’s birthday party.   If you are located in Greater Boston Area, then give us a call at 617-926-2442 for suggetions regarding entertainemnt and to book a clown show for your birthday party or event. You can also submit a reservation request by clicking here.