Games for Boys

Boy Birthday Party Game Ideas

(Girls will enjoy most of them too)

Suitcase Relay

To play, divide up into teams and draw a starting line and turn around line. On the turn around line, put one suitcase for each team that has been filled with big clothes like pants, a shirt, a jacket or coat, a hat, and a pair of shoes. 0n “Go,” the first player for each team runs to the suitcase, opens it, puts on all the clothes, closes the suitcase, picks it up, and runs back to the starting line. Then, he removes the clothes he just put on, puts them back into the suitcase, closes the suitcase, picks it up, and runs to the turn around line. He then leaves the suitcase there, runs back to their team, and tags the next person in line who then does the same thing. The first team to finish wins.

Three-Legged Balloon Race

This game is for 6 or more players and should be played outside. Split into pairs and give each pair a balloon and a bandana. Standing side by side, have teammates use the bandana to tie their legs together. Then, teammates have to hold the balloon between their heads and race to the end of the playing field and back. If they drop their balloon, they have to start all over again. The team that gets back to the starting line first wins. Ready, set, go!

Popper Stomper

Players tie a string to the end of a balloon and then tie it to their legs. Then, players run around trying to pop each others balloon without getting their own popped. The game works better if the playing field is on the smaller side, so that players can’t run too far away.

Round Up The Herd

This game is for 6 or more players, and should be played outside. You’ll need two brooms, a long string to mark your course, six balloons (and a few extra in case some pop). Set up an obstacle course in your party area using boxes, chairs, trees, bushes, etc. Mark the path of the course with string. Divide into two teams and line up both teams at the starting line. Give the first person in each line a broom and three balloons. (Be sure to use different colored balloons for each team.) Players must use the broom to herd their wild ponies (balloons) through the course. Each player must herd their balloons through the entire course to complete their turn. If a balloon pops during a player’s turn, he must take a new balloon to the starting line and begin again. The first team to finish the course wins.

Rock, Tree, Bridge Race

This game is for 6 or more players and should be played outside. To play, get into teams of 3. Line up with your teammates. The first person in line is the rock. He ducks down on his knees with his head tucked in. The second person in line jumps over the rock and stands up with arms spread out to become the tree. The third person in line jumps over the rock, goes around the tree twice, and makes a tent with his body to become the bridge. The person who was the rock then goes around the tree 2 times, goes under the bridge, and becomes a rock again. They keep repeating this pattern until their team reaches the finish line. The first team to finish wins.

What Am I?

This game is for 3 or more players. To set up this game, everyone writes names of objects on index cards. Put the index cards face down on a table and mix them up. Now put a loop of masking tape on each card. The first player picks up a card and tapes it to his forehead without looking at it. The player then has to figure out what is on the card by asking the other players questions. The trick is that he can only ask questions that have a yes or no answer. Have fun!

The Spider Web Game

To set up the game, get different colored balls of yarn for each player. Then, tie the end of each ball of yarn to a different piece of furniture and wind the yarn through obstacles, like under chairs and around the legs of a table. Make it look like a spider web by overlapping the different colors of yarn. You might want to set up your spider web before your guests arrive. All the balls of yarn should meet at the end; this is the players’ starting point. Each player takes the loose end of their yarn and makes their way through the web, rewinding their ball of yarn. The first player to untangle their yarn from the web wins.

Penny/Cup Game

Get a cup filled with water, a paper napkin, 2 sharpened pencils, a penny and a rubber band. Open the napkin and put it over the cup. Put the rubber band around the rim of the cup over the napkin so that the napkin fits tightly on the cup. Put the penny in the middle of the napkin. Two players take turns poking a hole in the napkin with the pencil. The entire tip of the pencil has to go through the napkin. The person who doesn’t make the penny fall into the cup is the winner.